Clinovital: The Product of the Future

Inbiotech has the pleasure to present its first product in the form of the food supplement Clinovital. Cinovital is a concentrated extract from the widely discussed plant called Clinopodium vulgare combined with concentrated cold pressed juices from aronia and grapes. In this way the intake of Clinopodium vulgare is easy and suitable for everyday use in quantities beneficial for rienforcing the body . Clinovital is a fully natural product. It should be taken twice a day ( in the morning and in the evening) by 10 to 20 ml. For additional information regarding its use, please contact us. Clinovital aims at the prophylactics of oncological diseases as well as the reinforcement of the body as a whole. Clinovital is a product suitable for people with oncological dieases and those who do not wish to go through chemo or beam therapy. It can also be taken following the completion of the beam and chemotherapies. Do not take Clinovital during chemo or beam therapy.